Training Intuition with the Kang Duk Won

Kang Duk Works for Intuition, but…

Speaking of Kang Duk Won and Intuition, let me reference back to the last blog. In that fine piece of writing, you may recall, I was guilty of killing the Christmas tree. (see last blog, Taking Out a Mugger with One Chop)

So we have a question here: when does a person get sufficiently trained that he can control his response to the correct aspect of appropriate?

martial arts intuition

bob Babich achieved awareness through Karate

Let me explain. After the Kang Duk Won I studied Aikido, and one night the Sensei, Robert Nadeau, I believe his name was, made an interesting remark: are you going to spin and chop and then find out it was just your dear old granny with a plate of cookies?

I was guilty of spinning an chopping, and death to the Christmas Tree. But I was not aware.

Well, I was sort of aware. I was aware enough to chop the tree, but I wasn’t aware enough to recognize it was a tree and pull my chop, or not do it in the first place.


Well, after about twenty or thirty years, and a bunch of Tai Chi Chuan, I became able. I got so loosey goosey people could shout in my face and I wouldn’t react, yet if there was a threat I instinctively did the right thing.

Don’t draw a conclusion yet, however.

My instructor, Bob Babich, could deliver the appropriate response. He was loosey goosey aware, and solely because of Karate.

I needed a little extra.

And, here’s the point.

Karate, as practiced today, is only the first step.

If you don’t know Karate you can start from the ground up, practice the material on this website,, and you will get the abilities, and control of them, of which I speak. simply, this system was strong too begin with, and it has been fixed, anyway.

If you study another variety of Karate, then you must matrix it, you must fix it, else you be stuck in only the violent and perhaps inappropriate response mode.

You could study Tai Chi alone, but that would take too long, it is only half the art, and so on.

You must study ALL the arts, get the whole picture, if you want to find your intuitive abilities. You must study ALL the martial arts if you want to unleash the awareness that is you.

So, check out the courses KangDukWon(dot) com, or come on over to Matrix Karate and check it out.

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