Sign Me Up!

I Give Up! You’ve Convinced Me!

Okay, I can’t take it any more. I’ve read all the pages on this site (wish there were more, sniff) and I’m convinced that you are a GREAT instructor, and this is a FANTASTIC Martial Arts Course. In fact, it really is…The Best Online Karate Course in the World!

So here it is, I’m reaching in to my pocket…my last five dollars. Five wrinkled up one dollar bills I’ve been saving for an emergency…I might not eat tonight, but at least I can say I am working on my first Karate Belt…that I am actually starting the journey to Black Belt!

Okay, there it is, on the table and…what? You don’t want my lousy five bucks? You don’t want to bother with postage? You just want me to click the paypal button right below and everything is instant download?

Heck! I can do that! Anybody can do that!

Here goes…


Welcome to the Kang Duk Won Karate…The Best Online Karate in the World!

11 thoughts on “Sign Me Up!

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  10. kim

    how do the online classes work? when i pay for a class i get a password to access the video? is the password valid for a certain period of time or indefinitely? if i move on to the next class am i still able to access the older class for review?

  11. Mike

    Hey in case anyone else was wondering, I don’t represent Master/Mr./Sensei Al but the password is good indefinitely. You can also just download everything if you’re paranoid.


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