5 Getting a Black Belt in Karate

Things that Happened When I earned My Black Belt in Karate

Took me four years to get my Black Belt in Karate. Longer than some, not as long as others.

I don’t think I was particularly special, except for the feeling that I belonged. But then the guys who made it to Black Belt, they probably all felt like they belonged.

black belt

Me, age 65, practicing Horse Meditation I learned at the Kang Duk Won.

To pass the Karate Black Belt test I had to do some twenty forms, and all the applications to those forms, probably a hundred.

I also had to break a hanging one inch board with a good Karate punch, break two one inch boards with a Karate kick, and put out a candle.

Man, I worked for that Black Belt test. Every single day for months I did my forms and applications. I hit and kicked trees and bags and bought boards and broke them.

The night of my black belt test went smoothly.

I did my forms. I did my applications. I freestyled at a high level. I broke the hanging one inch board easily. I broke the two one inch boards easily. And I punched the candle…and it didn’t go out.

For months I had practiced, but now, during the test, it just wavered a little and stared at me.

I punched again.

And again.

At last, I raised my head and stared at Bob.

“Been practicing that one?”

“Every single day,” said, and he could feel the anguish in my voice.

“Don’t worry about it. You scored well on everything else.”

So I passed.

But, in the back of my mind, I failed.

And, over the years I kept remembering that candle.

Whenever I came up against something difficult, I would think of that candle.

And I began reaching deeper and deeper, finding what it was that I had failed to summon up for that candle.

Now, here’s the thing. Everybody has a talent.

There were fellows at the Kang Duk Won who could break things. Anything and everything, you put a solid object in front of them and they’d shatter it. That wasn’t me. I’ve never been much for displays of power.

Bob had a trick of putting a single finger through a board and leaving a hole. I don’t think there’s anybody in the world that can do that now. Used to be some Kung Fu teachers back in China that could do that, but it’s sort of gone now. People have been to tournaments and gone in different directions.

But that wasn’t my talent.

No, my talent was in the candle. You see, that kept bothering me and bothering me, and I kept going back to it, and failure drove me on like success never could have. I’m one of the few people who can flick a candle out from over a foot away. Just a flick of the fingers.

And, that is my qualification. It proves I’ve gone far enough to be a teacher. It’s not just how much you know, you see, it’s how deep you know.

Now, that said, there is one other thing I want to say.

During those last few months before my Black Belt test, when I was training extra hard seven days a week, things were happening to me.

Intuition kicked in, and my techniques became smooth and effortless.

I felt things before they happened.

I had a few dreams, and then I had no more. Ever.

It’s true. I had a few very odd dreams, which culminated in what I call the Tiger Dream.

The tiger is the emblem of Karate. Not many people know it, most people don’t go far enough to see it, or their training leaves the real Karate way, but the Tiger is the emblem.

One of the five Kung Fu animals.

But, you have to do Karate the right way to see the Tiger.

I saw the tiger. He came to me in a dream, and I watched as he pawed the air, and everything was slowed down and beautiful.

After that I had no more dreams.

I had been blessed, and transformed.

You see, a dream is mired in memories. Memories of the day, of the week, of forever. When you finally achieve enlightenment, your memories are tucked back in a little box and used when you need them…they don’t come out and effect you at odd times.

These days I don’t have dreams, but I do have awareness while sleeping, and the ‘dreams’ that I do have are more out of body experiences.

One day I was sitting on a cinder block in my backyard. I was on the patio, and I had picked up a piece of rebar and was tapping it on the ground.


The sun was shining, and I was listening to music. The music was America, The Horse with No Name, and it came from a pair of big speakers in the house.


Sitting there, not a care or thought in the world, listening to the music.


I stared around, everything was golden, rich, imbued with life.

I couldn’t tell from where the music was coming from. I knew it was coming from the speakers, but it wasn’t…it was everywhere!

And I suddenly knew the truth of the universe. The exact words, a verbal representation of th eyin yang, came into my mind.

For something to be true the opposite must also be true.

I had achieved enlightenment.

You can achieve enlightenment.

Anybody can achieve enlightenment, if they are willing to pay the price.

The price is hard work, learning to focus your awareness and put aside the distractions of the world.

And, it need not take years and years and years.

All it needs is a good system, a good instructor, and a good student.

The Kang Duk Won is a good system. It is pure.

I am a good instructor. I have worked hard, and I am literate enough to understand what happened to me, and to pass it along to you. I can get you to understand the teachings.

So the question is…are you a good student?

Let me explain something here.

I am going to open the doors to the Kang Duk Won to you.

Some people, who have much experience, are going to see it right away. They will shoot through these lessons in a couple of weeks, all their previous experience will come to bear, and they are going to be transformed.

Maybe they will even see the Tiger.

Some people are going to have to work hard. Maybe they have no experience, or such shoddy previous experience, that they are going to have to work extra hard, and maybe even for a number of years.

Maybe they will see the Tiger, maybe they will just become calm and competent, and will experience enlightenment in that less than spectacular, but just as valuable manner.

Some people, not many, aren’t going to get it. They will take a couple of lessons, if that, and go away.

Not a problem. I’m not here to make them wrong, they just belong to another school. They are looking for something other than the Tiger.

I wish them well, and no hard feelings.

But the thing is this: on the first page of this website, the introductory page, I told you about the Kang Duk Won.

On this page I told you what eventually happened to me because of the Kang Duk Won.

But this is not about me…this is about you.

The next page is going to be your first step into the Kang Duk Won.

And, I am about to charge you the smallest sum ever charged for a Karate class.

Two bucks.

Two bucks, and I will take you to the first belt level of the Kang Duk Won.

A White belt is automatically on the 8th level. The next belt will be the 7th level, and then the sixth, and so on to Black Belt.

The material will consist of:

  • detailed instructions on the first form from the Kang Duk Won.
  • video instruction on the first form.
  • a lesson plan for studying this material.
  • a BONUS video which will open your eyes to the real material you are studying.
  • And a few other things.

All for two bucks.

I charge two bucks because I want to keep out the less than serious lookie loos, the gawkers, the fellows out surfing the net and not really willing to do the hard work.

And you will be shocked because the prices will stay inexpensive all the way through to Black Belt. I only add a dollar a belt, so you do the math.

And the test for black Belt, except for one little extra expense, is free. I’ll explain that expense in the next couple of lessons, and I’m sure that you’ll agree that it is reasonable.

Now, whether you have little or no experience, whether you are an advanced practitioner with immense knowledge and experience behind you, or whether you are just curious and want to find out whether this art is for you…are you ready to start the journey?

Are you ready to step onto the path of the true Martial Art? Are you ready to learn the real Karate?

Click on the following sentence!

I want my Black Belt!


The material is so much, and the price is so little, no refunds.

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