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Al Case

Al Case mid 1960s, right before he started Karate.

Al Case mid 1960s, right before he started Karate.

Al Case started Kenpo Karate in 1967.

He began the Kang Duk Won in 1969.

He studied everything he could find, including Sticky Hands and Wing Chun, Aikido, Northern Shaolin Ton Toi, Southern Shaolin Fut Ga, Pa Kua Chang (many styles), Tai Chi Chuan (many styles, Weapons, and more.

Al became a writer for the Martial arts magazines in 1981, and wrote for Inside Kung Fu, Inside Karate, Black Belt, and many others.

Writing The Master's Handbook about 1975

Writing The Master’s Handbook about 1975

He had his own column in Inside Karate, ‘Case Histories.’

He opened a number of schools throughout California.

He developed Matrixing Technology to better understand the Martial Arts.

He developed Neutronics to better understand the human being revealed by the Martial arts.

Al began selling mail order Martial Arts courses in the 1980s.

al case

Nearly 50 years of Horse Meditation

He established Monster Martial Arts in 2002, and began selling Martial Arts courses based on his discoveries through Matrixing and in Neutronics.

He is currently establishing a temple of the study of Martial Arts in Nipomo, California.




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One thought on “5 About the Author

  1. Tony Harper

    I am trying to get additional information for my Dojang so we can continue to build our “Family Tree”.

    We are ​a direct lineage to the Kang Duk Won through our Master Bent, Master Topper, Master Goodman, and Mr. Harper, all whom studied under Grandmaster Dr. Sang Kee Paik, who in-turn studied under Kim Ki Whang and Yoon Byung-In, as well as Chul Hee Park, the Co-Founder of the Kang Duk Won.

    We would like to show more lineage of our connection to the Kang Duk Won in our Dojang, including photographs, banners, posters, etc.

    Thank you for your help.

    Tony Harper,
    Founding Partner
    Legacy Martial Arts USA
    Monona, WI 53716


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