4 How Do I Get Promoted?

Karate Promotions!

Here’s the thing, when you get intuitive at the material, then you move on.

To get intuitive you have to do it until it just pops out of you with no thought.

So the criteria is this: do it until you no longer have to think about what you are doing, then move on.

A guy who is much experienced might be able to do this in a day.

A guy with no experience might need a few months.

But the trick is just to be honest with yourself.

If you can do the material without thinking, move to the next level, when you get to Black Belt email me about sending a video.

Look, let’s say you think you know the moves, but aren’t actually quite there yet, the worst thing that can happen is you will suddenly find yourself messing up, and you will realize that you need to do a little more work on the earlier stuff. So do it, then continue.

It used to be that people needed instructors to fine tune them for promotions, but as you go through the levels of this course you will realize that I am giving you enough information that you can fine tune your karate all by yourself.

So…do it!

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karate promotions

Work hard…deserve your Karate promotion!

This has been a page about Karate promotions.

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