The Best Online Karate Course in the World!

Let’s cut to the chase…here’s what you get in the Best Online Karate Course:

Orange Belt Level
7th kyuWork out schedule.
First form ~ not youtube demo, but indepth instruction.
Applications for the first form.
BONUS ~ Imperial Karate One; analysis of the first kata that will forever change the way you view Karate!

Purple Belt Level
6th kyuWork out schedule
Second Form
Applications for the second form
BONUS ~ Imperial Karate video two; continued analysis of kata that will make you the best Karateka you can be!

Blue Belt Level
5th kyuWorkout schedule
Third Form
Applications for the third form
BONUS ~ Imperial Karate video three; final analysis of kata, the best education you NEVER expected!

Green Belt Level
4th kyuWorkout schedule
Fourth Form
Applications for the fourth form
BONUS ~ The original book, out of print since 1975, that I wrote to describe what it takes to be a black belt. It is called ‘The Masters Handbook!’

3rd Brown Belt Level
1st kyuWorkout schedule
Fifth Form
Applications for the fifth form
BONUS ~ A book including the drills we used to do at the Kang Duk Won. These are in depth drills that will change your perceptions and give you the state of Mushin no shin (mind of no mind).

3rd kyu2nd Brown Belt Level
Workout schedule
Sixth and Seventh Forms
Applications for the sixth and seventh forms
BONUS ~ The rest of the original Kang Duk Won book that describes the forms and applications on the way to Black Belt.

2nd kyu1st Brown Belt Level
Workout schedule
Eighth and ninth Forms
Applications for the Eighth and ninth forms
BONUS ~ The Punch! Includes The Kick and The Candle. Use these drills and methods to put real power in your Kang Duk Won.

1st Black Belt Level
1st danWorkout schedule
Tenth and eleventh Forms
Applications for the tenth and eleventh forms
BONUS ~ The Master Books. Ten volumes which will expand your viewpoint of what is happening to you as a result of the Best Online Karate Course in the World.

Video test for Black Belt
black belt testThere is one small purchase of materials you will have to do, but other than that, this test is FREE! That’s right, except for the one small purchase, which I will explain on the course, and which I am sure you will find reasonable, there is no charge for video testing for your Black Belt.
Price: FREE (with one small materials purchase.


This course includes the material of Temple Karate ($40), Kang Duk Won ($30), The Master’s Handbook ($20), The Punch ($20), and The Master Books ($10). Plus, all the other goodies which I haven’t put a price on, but will make your experience of the Best Online Karate Course in the World absolutely amazing!

That’s a total of $120, which you get for almost 50% OFF!

Here’s the sign up page…

Sign me up!


Need more convincing? Here’s a  short intro for you. This intro is FREE, and it is the simple recounting of the history of the Kang Duk Won, and what I experienced when I walked into the Kang Duk Won nearly fifty years ago (1967). It is a little bit different than any other history you may have read, and I am sure you are going to be fascinated. At the end of the history you’ll have a chance to sign up for the first belt level.

See you there!

Take me to the Kang Duk Won!

This has been a page about the Best Online Karate Course in the World!

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