To Go Beyond Black Belt

The Journey Beyond Black Belt

To go Beyond Black Belt, what a dream, eh?

Yet here you are. Just finished the Kang Duk Won Black Belt course. Well done!

There are two ways to go beyond Black Belt, and either way is fine with me.

First, if you love Karate, and don’t want to leave it, then you should study more systems of Karate.

Karate Beyond Black Belt

You may remember, when you moved into the brown belt levels we stopped learning one form per belt level, and started learning two belt levels per level.

At Black Belt you  are able to learn whole systems. And, I might add, I am the only person doing this. Other systems give you a couple of forms and expect you to polish your basics. I expect you to learn whole systems, and polish your basics. I just believe that, especially considering my methods, people can learn a LOT faster than they have been!

So for second black belt you get to learn another Karate system.

You can learn from the following Karate systems, and you can learn the systems in any order.

Thus, you could earn your way to fifth degree by learning the above systems.

And, I might add, these are complete systems, all the forms and applications, all the freestyle and theory. Everything.

Currently, I offer these systems as simple downloads. In the future I might expand them to courses, such as you have done here.

Martial Arts Beyond Black Belt

You can also go outside Karate to learn advanced material. This is an excellent way to keep polishing your martial arts, as you expand your viewpoint and perspective of the martial arts.

You can learn from the following martial arts systems, and you can learn the systems in any order.

Thus, you can work your way to highly advanced levels.

Whichever method you choose, or even if you wish to mix and match, that is fine with me.

I just want you to keep walking on this wonderful path of Martial Arts.

Again, congratulations, and I’ll talk to you later.

Al Case

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